Regular polish comes with all Manicure except for French or Color Tips

POSH Manicure / Gel Polish
$22 / $37

Having beautiful, healthy looking nails is a good reason to get our POSH manicure. Our technician will shape, trim, file and clean cuticles on your nails; the use the Cuccio Daily Skin Polisher scrub treatment to improve the health of the skin by massaging your hands. This technique will prevent the skin on your hands from wrinkling. To finish this manicure, we will massage your hands with the Cuccio Body Butter Honey and Soy milk. At the end, we will polish your nails to give your hands a flawless look.

HERBAL Manicure / Gel Polish
$45 / $60

Chemical Free Restore the health of your hands by using our signature herbal manicure. This manicure will pull you out. of your busy life within 40 minutes. Starting by soaking your hands in a bowl of warm water mixed with herbal salt, followed by trimming, filing, cuticle care. In addition, we use the herbal sugar scrub to massage your hands to help exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells, smoothing the surface and stimulating cell growth. After that, we put the herbal mask base on your forearms and wrap with a warm towel for 10 minutes in order to have a deep osmotic into your skin. The last touch, we mixed the base lotion with the stress relief oil to massage your forearms and hands. The various oil, herbal-rite treatment and polishes used can strengthen your fingernails. This manicure will allow you to walk out of our salon with beautiful young looking hands.
* French or Colors Tips add: $5
* Gel Polish Change on hands: $28


Regular polish comes with all Pedicure except for French or Color Tips

POSH Pedicure / w Gel Polish
$35 / $55

POSH pedicure includes nail trimming/filing, cuticle care, and callus removal. In addition, we add OPI sugar scrub to exfoliate the dead skin from your feet to restore its shine and brilliance. Once completed, you are treated to a soothing massage to render those aching feet. Finally, with your choice of polish we will complete the process leaving you walking out of our salon with a new bounce.

Deluxe Spa Pedicure / w Gel Polish
$43 / $63

Deluxe pedicure with include nail trimming / filing, cuticle care, and callus removal if warranted. The client is pampered with special BCL ORGANIC scrub to assist in exfoliating dead skin and oils leave your skin soft and glowing. Infused with Hemp CBD. Upon competition our technician will treat your tired feet to one of the three following choice:
As usual, we finish our clients off with a BCL ORGANIC massage cream and polish of your choice that will leave you wanting to make an appointment for your next session.

HERBAL Spa Healing Pedicure / w Gel Polish
$65 / $85

In our VIP room, you can heal your feet with our Herbal Spa Pedicure by soaking your feet in warm water mixed with essential oil. There are ten flavors for you to choose from with different kinds of treatment depending on your needs. During this time, your toe nails will be trimmed/filed, cuticle care, and callus removal if needed. After that, a gentle massage will be provided to your lower legs with the scrubbing gel combined with those flavors and essential oils. Then, the essential mask will be applied to your lower legs and feet, and let them sit for 10 minutes so that the essential mask and scrubbing gel can be absorbed into your foot to release muscle aching and heal dry/damaged skin. Adding on to the herbal pedicure, we will also combine the mix of the essential massage oil and hot stone to deeply massage your legs and feet to release the tension and stress in your muscle. Ending the herbal pedicure by applying the essential oil and herbal lotion to your lower legs and feet to help your skin shine and glow. Completed by a color polish of your choice. Chemical Free
The flavors are: 
Lemongrass, rose, chamomile, lavender, ginger root, green tea, spearmint, eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint

VOLCANO Spa Pedicure / w Gel Polish
$70 / $90

Let make your pedicure to be more than what it is with our Volcano Spa pedicure! The Volcano Spa pedicure is an organic and single use pedicure treatment that come in an already portioned packet for each client. After getting in our pedicure chair, do not forget to start your massage chair so that your body will be gently relaxed. Now, your pedicure will be started by soaking your feet in the Detox Volcano Crystal and a Volcano Activator packet which helps hydrating and exfoliating your skin for the whole pedicure with bubbling carbonation. In this treatment, your feet will receive hand massage with our special sugar scrub that helps exfoliating and refreshing your feet deeply. Next, your feet will be wrapped in hot towel with a cream mask to make sure not only your skin moisturized and balance but also your muscles staying in the best relaxing condition. Last but not least, hand massage with hot stone and collagen-infused lotion will allow you to finish your service of with long-lasting moisture benefits.


All artificial nails should be filled every 2 weeks. We are no longer accept any artificial Nails longer than half inch from five edge.

Acrylic Nails Full Set / Fill-ins
$35+ / $25+

Acrylic nails are the most commonly used on market today. Acrylic nails are durable, and are not as time consuming as the other type of nails.

Gel Powder Nails Full Set / Fill-ins
$40+ / $30+

Powder Gel is used to create tip overlays & sculptures, then a high shine UV gloss will be applied to make your nails more beautiful, stronger and longer lasting.

Dipping Powder

Odor free, healthy for your nails with added vitamin E & Calcium, lightweight and durable. Look and feel natural.

Solar Pink Full Set / Fill-ins
$45+ / $35+
Ombre Full Set
Solar Pink & White Full Set / Fill-ins
$55+ / $45+

Pink Fills only: $35+
Pink and White are two steps of acrylic application, the process that leaves a permanent French Manicure. The French Manicure from Pink and White does not chip. Pink and White are sealed with a gel sealer to achieve the highest quality and lasting shine.

Gel Polish add on Artificial Nails


Eyebrows + Lips
Whole Face
Eyebrow + Lip + Chin
Side Burn
Whole Back
Under Arms